Digital Twins For The Predictive Maintenance Of Infrastructure

Offer A Unique Solution For Damage Management

SwissInspect provides professional image-based inspection services and software-as-a-service (SaaS) for digital twinning and damage management of infrastructure and buildings for various customers, including asset owners, operators, insurance companies, etc.

Combining machine learning, computer vision, and structural engineering, we create structural digital twins with several layers of information that can be used for monitoring an asset's health over its lifetime.

SwissInspect is a spin-off from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL).

We Are A Team Of Experts

Experts in structural engineering, AI, computer vision and robotics.
Dr. Amir Rezaie

Dr. Amir Rezaie


PhD in Structural Engineering from EPFL

Structural analysis

Computer vision

Machine learning

Bryan Pantoja-Rosero

Bryan Pantoja-Rosero


AI-based structural health monitoring

3D computer vision

Physics-based numerical modeling

Prof. Dr. Katrin Beyer

Prof. Dr. Katrin Beyer

Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder

Associate Professor of Structural Engineering at EPFL

Structural analysis of Unreinforced masonry

Numerical modeling of reinforced concrete

Dr. Frédéric Dreyer

Dr. Frédéric Dreyer


PhD in Materials Science from EPFL & MBA from HEC Genève

Over 10 years of experience in industry and management

Founder of the FUSTIC association at EPFL

Innovation mentor & business coach

Dr. Radhakrishna Achanta

Dr. Radhakrishna Achanta

Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder

PhD in Computer Science from EPFL

Over 19 years of industrial and academic experience

Image processing

Artificial intelligence

Dr. Mateusz Kozinski

Dr. Mateusz Kozinski

Scientific Advisor & Co-Founder

PhD in Computer Science from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech

Outstanding reviewer at CVPR conference

Computer Vision


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