AI-Powered Solution for Traceable Damage State Estimation of Infrastructure and Buildings

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Create Geometric Digital Twins

Create detailed 3D textured meshes from images. Transform complex meshes into simplified components.

bridge textured meshbridge textured mesh with 3d elements

Detect And Quantify Damage Using State Of The Art AI Models

Detect and measure various types of damage on the asset.

graffiti on a wall analyzed with crackgraffiti on a wall

Track Damage Evolution Over Time

Monitor the evolution of existing damage and the occurrence of new damage types over time.


Generate Reports

Create online inspection reports from reliable and traceable damage information.

generate reports
Digital - Twins - Swiss quality - Buildings - Bridges
Swiss quality - Digital - Twins -  Buildings -  Bridges

Structural Maintenance Made Easy

Our solution provides turnkey technology for various types of infrastructure.

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